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Rick Hofmeister, Pastor

  Pastor Rick suffered a stroke on February 1st, 2023. He was in the hospital for most of two months and is now legally blind. After a few weeks of being in a wheelchair, he was able to use a walker, guided by his wife, Shelia. Since then, his eyesight has improved just enough for him to be able to read a little bit. He had initially lost a great deal of memory, but he improved greatly over the first two months. At the time, he is unable to preach, but he is in good spirits, he can carry on conversations, and most importantly, he can pray!

  Please pray for Pastor Rick to make a full recovery. Even if he may not be able to resume preaching, we want to see him well again! Also pray for Shelia; taking care of her husband in this capacity has been and continues to be difficult for her. Finally, pray for the church, as we try to function as normally as we can without Pastor Rick in the pulpit, for however long it may be.

  And thank you to all the guest speakers who have filled the pulpit, whether one or ten times!

      ~Caleb Wells, Webmaster (April 2024)